Gallery: Ubud Cremation Ceremony

Ubud Cremation Ceremony A cremation procession passes by in Ubud, Bali.XXXXThe cremation ceremony is one of the most important rituals in the life of a Balinese Hindu. It takes much time and money to plan and can take place up to years after the person's actual death.XXXXIn the photo here, the body is being carried from a temporary burial ground to the cremation ground in a high tower that can me made of anything including paper, bamboo, string, tinsel, mirrors, silk, cloth, flowers or other colorful items. The large group of men who carry the tower walk down the street in a seemingly drunken manner – zigzagging down the street and spinning the tower in circles. But far from being drunk, these men are trying to confuse the spirits so that they do not return home to cause mischief.
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